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MyPersonality encourages and welcomes your communication. However, if your question is on this list then you will get a much faster response by viewing the answer here rather than waiting for us to say the same thing!


What about this other personality test?

The aim of MyPersonality is not to just lump together every random personality test on the internet (e.g. "Which Star Wars character is your personality closest to?") because most of them are just made up and may do more harm than good. Saying that, MyPersonality does plan to add more tests as time goes on, however the tests will again be based on actual scientific research and they will all give references to the data that backs them up so that you can assure yourself that only 'real' tests are used that have been shown to be valid. If you would like to make a suggestion of such a test please go ahead.

Could you give me some psychological advice?

We're sorry, but MyPersonality does not have clinical psychology expertise, so can't offer any professional advice at all. Our short-term suggestion would be to visit PsychCentral which is run by a psychologist and from what we have seen has a supportive community. However, we are not responsible for the content of this website, and in the long-term you should seek professional clinical psychological expertise through your GP.

Whose brain is in the MyPersonality icon?

It's the founder of MyPersonality's brain! It's taken with a 3 Tesla scanner, which is twice as powerful as the ones used in medical practice. There is even an animated picture which is quite freaky and hypnotic to watch.

I'm a researcher, can we collaborate?

MyPersonality has already worked with a number of academic researchers and welcomes further collaboration. We have written a collaboration page with more information that you should read first.

I have a commercial opportunity for you...

Even though MyPersonality has very strong academic links, it is still run as a business. We recognise that the relationships that MyPersonality have discovered are commercially valuable in any situation where understanding your customer is important, so we welcome all enquiries and propositions.

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