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Centre for Epidemiological Study Depression Scale (CES-D)


Added in collaboration with Wei Loong On myPersonality the scale is called 'Feeling Blue?'


  1. 1) I was bothered by things that usually don’t bother me
  2. 2) I did not feel like eating; my appetite was poor
  3. 3) I felt that I could not shake off the blues even with help from my family and friends
  4. 4) I felt that I was just as good as other people
  5. 5) I had trouble keeping my mind on what I was doing
  6. 6) I felt depressed
  7. 7) I felt that everything I did was an effort
  8. 8) I felt hopeful about the future
  9. 9) I thought my life had been a failure
  10. 10) I felt fearful
  11. 11) My sleep was restless
  12. 12) I was happy
  13. 13) I talked less than usual
  14. 14) I felt lonely
  15. 15) People were unfriendly
  16. 16) I enjoyed life
  17. 17) I had crying spells
  18. 18) I felt sad
  19. 19) I felt that people disliked me
  20. 20) I could not get “going”

Response Options

Rarely or none of the time (less than 1 day per week)

Some or a little of the time (1-2 days per week)

Occasionally or a moderate amount of the time (3-4 days per week)

Most or all of the time (5-7 days per week)

On myPersonality: -1 means “user submitted a form with that question in but left it blank”, 0 means “user didn't submit a form with that question in” and 1, 2, 3, 4 are the response options.


Items 4, 8, 12 and 16 have to be reversed scored, but myPersonality already did that when collecting the data. Add up the ratings for all the items to obtain a total score.


Radloff, L. S. (1977). The CES-D Scale: a self-report depression scale for research in the general population. Applied Psychological Measurement, 1, 385-401. <Link>

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