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Terms of Use


You cannot send the database to any other party (even if they have access to it themselves), nor disclose to anyone else the information contained within it as well as its structure. The myPersonality Wiki is provided for this purpose, and you are encouraged to edit it once you become a collaborator. You are allowed to share data with students in your research group who are unable to become registered collaborators, but you must agree to supervise and take full responsibility that their use of the data also meets these Terms of Use.


We have anonymized the databases. You cannot attempt to reverse this by linking individual records with specific users. This also means that you should not link individual data with any other information about an individual that you may have. This implies that you cannot attempt to contact any individuals either.

Non-Commerical License

We grant you a non-commercial license to use the data. You can only use it for academic research that does not earn revenue, and your research also cannot be in collaboration with any commercial entities.

Scope of Research

We try to avoid a situation where two researchers are doing the same analysis, so you must run your research topic by us before you download the data. If the scope of your research changes, you should contact us again so that we can agree to the change. If you stop researching using myPersonality data, you should make us aware of this fact.

Publication Collaboration and Authorship

There is an authorship section on the collaboration agreement that we require before giving access to the data. You should choose whether your research requires David and Michal's help or whether you can conduct it without. For avoidance of doubt, in case you have not completed the authorship section on the collaboration agreement, by default we will assume that Michal Kosinski and David Stillwell will be listed as minor co-authors on any publications that arise from myPersonality data. Therefore it is your responsibility to make sure that we are aware of your intentions with regard to authorship before starting your research.

Ethical Clearance

myPersonality attempts to make sure that our tests are suitable for research by following guidelines for Internet psychological research. For example, all of our tests require that users read and agree to information regarding using their data for research, making the data available to other researchers, and their ability to withdraw from the research at any time. Users have to explicitly opt in to share their social network profile data with us, and they can delete all of their information at any time. They also do not have to share any of their results with friends (as with all of our tests, they can choose to set them to private). Some of our tests have been through an explicit institute review board process, but others have not. However, even in cases where a test has been through an ethical review, you cannot assume that your specific use of the data meets the ethical norms. It is your responsibility to ascertain whether it is ethical to use the data that myPersonality has collected for academic research. All use of the data should be in line with the British Psychological Society's Code of Ethics and Conduct.

You can find the consent forms used by myPersonality app here

Right to Publish

myPersonality expects to see and give authorization for all research findings before they are sent for publication or any other method of dissemination. It is not expected that myPersonality will refuse permission to publish results especially if you have agreed on the scope of your research with us in advance. By showing us your manuscript, we can also ensure that your description of myPersonality's method of obtaining its data is accurate.

In addition, we encourage press releases and other dissemination of results into the general media, but myPersonality expects to see and give authorization first.

Acknowledgement of myPersonality

All uses of myPersonality data, including but not limited to research papers, at conferences, on websites, and in press releases, should include prominent acknowledgement that myPersonality is the data source. However, it should not imply that myPersonality endorses the research. It should be clear that myPersonality is an external data supplier.

I also agree that myPersonality can include my name, my position, my institution, and the title of my research topic on its public Wiki and other documents. If I cease work on myPersonality data, then this collaboration will be listed with an end date.

Access to Data

myPersonality cannot guarantee continued access to the data, nor that our service will not be interrupted from time to time. The license to use and store our data is recoverable, which means that myPersonality may ask you to cease use of it and to delete it from any storage you have at our sole discretion.


myPersonality disclaims any warranties, for example but not limited to: the data's suitability for research or publication.

Other Agreements

Your use of the data should be in line with any other agreements that may apply to it. For example:

  1. Facebook Developer Principles & Policies:
  2. The additional terms that are presented to users on individual questionnaires
  3. Applicable data protection laws for the UK and your country
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