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Please note that not all respondents are described by all variables. In general, most respondents should have BIG5 scores, though some other variables are much more sparse; e.g. fewer users were interested in Self-Monitoring (however, “fewer” still means tens of thousands).

All of the tables here contain an anonymized user id (32 characters) that can be used to match users between tables. If you were using old databases—with an mpid field—simply download the new data. However, if you really need to translate old mpid into the new userid format, please use this dictionary. Note that in some tables (e.g. user-like diads), the same user and the same like can show up more than once!

Importing the data

Datasets Available Without Registration

Show datasets available without registration

Datasets Available for Registered Users

:!: NOTE: To get access to datasets listed in this section, you first need to register as a collaborator. Also, even registered users only have access to selected files. Let us know if you cannot download files that you need.

Psychological Profiles

Demographic Data

Facebook Likes

Facebook Status Updates

Facebook Photos

Activity on Facebook

Facebook Social Networks

Last.FM Music listening data

To be added on request

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