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Music Data from Last.FM

help us to translate this data into a nice csv table (e.g. by sending over a script?)

This data was collected and kindly made available by Liam McNamara

Data was collected about users who entered their profile name on the Music Personality Questionnaire. The web service was used to pull the user details and their listening history. The friendship list of these users was then used to gather all friends of the Music Questionnaire users. These users can be linked to the Music Questionnaire through the username field. The usernames are modified in the filenames to be more usable on more systems by the removal of non-alphanumeric characters in filenames. All these users are collected in the first data file, and anyone not in the first, but friends with one of them, is collected in the second data file.

The data format

Each user is stored in a separate file named after the username inside a tar.gz file (linked at the bottom of this page). The format is technically a dump of a perl data structure using Data::Dumper, however it is easily human readable and can be processed by other programming languages.

Overall the data file structure is:

$VAR1 = {
          'toptags' => ...
          'friendCount' => ...
          'friendsattr' => ...
          'friends' => ...
          'topalbums' => ...
          'topartists' => ...
          'topalbumattr' => ...

Each of those subsections contains details about the user, specifically:

  • toptags: A descending list of the genre-type tags that the user has used.
  • friendCount: Number of friends the user has
  • friendsattr: Details about the friend downloading procedure from
  • friends: List of the user's friends
  • topalbums: Descending list of the users most listened to albums (containing playcount)
  • topartists: Same as above but for artists
  • topalbumattr: Download details of the albums from the user

Download the data

The data is stored at the following locations:

-An archive of ~3,000 lastfm user profiles from the initial questionnaire: (150MB, 4GB uncompressed)

-An archive of their lastfm friends (~30,000): (1.3GB, 15GB uncompressed)

Please contact me if you have any questions about the data or its collection:

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