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MUSIC Preference Questionnaire

Made available on myPersonality in collaboration with Dr. Jason Rentfrow. Metadata provided here by David Greenberg.


*This questionnaire measured musical preferences based on people’s reactions to a variety of musical excerpts.

*Participants were presented with musical excerpts (each is 15-seconds long) and asked to indicate how much they liked each using a scale from 1 to 9. See below for more info.

*Prior research using these excerpts found a robust five-factor structure underlying musical preferences, coined the MUSIC Model. These dimensions are: Mellow, Unpretentious, Sophisticated, Intense, and Contemporary. More info on the MUSIC model can be found in the following papers:

Rentfrow, P. J., Goldberg, L. R., & Levitin, D. J. (2011). The structure of musical preferences: a five-factor model. Journal of personality and social psychology, 100(6), 1139.

Rentfrow, P. J., Goldberg, L. R., Stillwell, D. J., Kosinski, M., Gosling, S. D., & Levitin, D. J. (2012). The song remains the same: A replication and extension of the MUSIC model. Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 30(2), 161-185.

*The excerpts administered to the mypersonality sample are the same as those reported in Rentfrow et al. (2012).

*Important to note is that there are three groups of participants in the present dataset. These groups differ based on the type of excerpts that were administered to them and are identified in the data based on the “condition” variable. Those in condition 3 were administered excerpts from a mixture of genres and subgenres. Those in condition 2 were administered excerpts from only rock music. Those in condition 1 were administered excerpts from only jazz music. The artists, piece, and genre of each of these excerpts are in the tables below. Any analysis on this dataset should be done by separating these groups first.

Variable Descriptions

Variable namedescriptiondetails
userid Unique user identifier
date_added date and time added
time_completed date and time completed
completed completed either the first set of 25 excerpts, or the full 50 excerpts
section_order section order 1= first set of excerpts (q1 to q25), 2 = second set of excerpts (q26 to q50)
question_order order in which excerpts were presented
current_section current section
condition type of excerpts presented to participants (50 excerpts from a mixture of genres; 50 jazz excerpts; or 50 rock excerpts) 1 =excerpts from only jazz music; 2 = excerpts from only rock music; 3 = excerpts from a mixture of genres and subgenres
country_of_residence country code of residence
last_fm_username last fm username that corresponds to last fm data
just_first_25 did not proceed to second 25 excerpts
q1 preference for excerpt 1 how much do you like this music? (1 = dislike extremely; 2 = dislike very much; 3 = dislike moderately; 4 = dislike slightly; 5 = neither like nor dislike; 6 = like slightly; 7 = like moderately; 8 = like very much; 9 = like extremely)
q2 preference for excerpt 2
q3 preference for excerpt 3
q4 preference for excerpt 4
q5 preference for excerpt 5
q6 preference for excerpt 6
q7 preference for excerpt 7
q8 preference for excerpt 8
q9 preference for excerpt 9
q10 preference for excerpt 10
q11 preference for excerpt 11
q12 preference for excerpt 12
q13 preference for excerpt 13
q14 preference for excerpt 14
q15 preference for excerpt 15
q16 preference for excerpt 16
q17 preference for excerpt 17
q18 preference for excerpt 18
q19 preference for excerpt 19
q20 preference for excerpt 20
q21 preference for excerpt 21
q22 preference for excerpt 22
q23 preference for excerpt 23
q24 preference for excerpt 24
q25 preference for excerpt 25
q26 preference for excerpt 26
q27 preference for excerpt 27
q28 preference for excerpt 28
q29 preference for excerpt 29
q30 preference for excerpt 30
q31 preference for excerpt 31
q32 preference for excerpt 32
q33 preference for excerpt 33
q34 preference for excerpt 34
q35 preference for excerpt 35
q36 preference for excerpt 36
q37 preference for excerpt 37
q38 preference for excerpt 38
q39 preference for excerpt 39
q40 preference for excerpt 40
q41 preference for excerpt 41
q42 preference for excerpt 42
q43 preference for excerpt 43
q44 preference for excerpt 44
q45 preference for excerpt 45
q46 preference for excerpt 46
q47 preference for excerpt 47
q48 preference for excerpt 48
q49 preference for excerpt 49
q50 preference for excerpt 50

Excerpt Details

Mixed Genre Excerpts (Condition 3)

Variable nameArtistPieceGenre
q1 Bruce Smith Children of Spring adult contemporary
q2 The O'Neill Brothers Through the Years smooth jazz
q3 Walter Rodriguez Safety electronica
q4 Frank Josephs Mountain Trek r&b/soul
q5 Taryn Murphy Love Along The Way soft rock
q6 Magic Dingus Box The Way It Goes electronica
q7 Benjamin Chan MATRIX electronica
q8 Robert LaRow Sexy europop
q9 Mykill Miers Immaculate rap
q10 Sammy Smash Get the Party Started rap
q11 Laurent Martin Scriabin Etude Opus avant-garde classical
q12 Bruce Smith Sonata A Major classical
q13 Antonio Vivaldi Concerto in C classical
q14 Various Artists La Trapera latin
q15 Paul Serrato & Co. Who are You? traditional jazz
q16 The Tomatoes Johnny Fly classic rock
q17 Five Finger Death Punch Death Before Dishonor heavy metal
q18 Dawn Over Zero Out of Lies heavy metal
q19 Bankrupt Face the Failure punk
q20 Squint Michigan punk
q21 Babe Gurr Newsreel Paranoia bluegrass
q22 Five Foot Nine Lana Marie country-rock
q23 Laura Hawthorne Famous Right Where mainstream country
q24 James E. Burns I’m Already Over You new country
q25 Hillbilly Hellcats That’s Not Rockabilly rock-n-roll
q26 Lisa McCormick Let’s Love adult contemporary
q27 Leo The Lionheart 050107 electro electronica
q28 Kush Sweet 5 electronica
q29 Language Room She Walks soft rock
q30 Human Signals Birth soft rock
q31 AB+ Recess electronica
q32 The Cruxshadows Go Away europop
q33 Preston Middleton Latin 4 r&b/soul
q34 DJ Come Of Age Thankful r&b soul
q35 Ciph Brooklyn Swagger rap
q36 Ljova Seltzer, do I drink too much avant-garde classical
q37 DNA La Wally classical
q38 Lisa McCormick Fernando Esta Feliz latin
q39 Daniel Nahmod I Was Wrong traditional jazz
q40 Moh Alileche North Africa’s Destiny world beat
q41 Exit 303 Falling Down 2 classic rock
q42 Cougars Dick Dater classic rock
q43 Five Finger Death Punch White Knuckles heavy metal
q44 The Stand In Frequency of a Heartbeat punk
q45 straight outta junior high Over now punk
q46 Anglea Motter Mama I’m Afraid To bluegrass
q47 Carey Sims Praying for Time mainstream country
q48 Bob Delevante Penny Black new country
q49 Curtis Carrots and Grapes rock-n-roll
q50 Ali Handal Sweet Scene soft rock

Rock Excerpts (Condition 2)

Variable nameArtistPieceGenre
q1 Hall & Oates One on One rock
q2 Arcade Fire Deep Blue rock
q3 Radiohead Nude rock
q4 Dave Mathews Band Lover Lay Down rock
q5 Jeff Buckley Dream Brother rock
q6 Queen Under Pressure rock
q7 Radiohead 15 Step rock
q8 Rage Against the Machine Bombtrak rock
q9 Primus Jerry was a Race Car Driver rock
q10 Ozomatli Saturday Night rock
q11 Led Zeppelin Black Mountain Side rock
q12 Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb rock
q13 Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention Inca Roads rock
q14 Radiohead Weird Fishes/Arpeggi rock
q15 Phish You Enjoy Myself rock
q16 Queens of the Stone Age Misfit Love rock
q17 Ministry Burning Inside rock
q18 Queens of the Stone Age Battery Acid rock
q19 Jeff Buckley Kick Out The Jams rock
q20 Radiohead Electioneering rock
q21 Beck Guess I'm Doing Fine rock
q22 The Beatles Act Naturally rock
q23 Led Zeppelin Boogie With Stu rock
q24 Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love rock
q25 Simon & Garfunkel Kodachrome/Maybellene rock
q26 Death in Vegas Girls rock
q27 Buckley, Jeff Hallelujah rock
q28 The Doobie Brothers Listen to the Music rock
q29 Radiohead No Surprises rock
q30 Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees rock
q31 Prince When Doves Cry rock
q32 Radiohead Back Drifts rock
q33 Red Hot Chili Peppers Higher Ground rock
q34 Mark Ronson L.S.F. rock
q35 Beastie Boys Sabatoge rock
q36 Radiohead Reckoner rock
q37 The Police Wrapped Around Your Finger rock
q38 The Beatles Eleanor Rigby rock
q39 The RH Factor Rich Man's Welfare rock
q40 Queen The Invisible Man rock
q41 Radiohead Body Snatchers rock
q42 Jeff Buckley Eternal Life rock
q43 Queens of the Stone Age Quick And To The Pointless rock
q44 The Stooges Down on the Street rock
q45 Queens of the Stone Age Tension Head rock
q46 Led Zeppelin Bron_Y_Aur Stomp rock
q47 The Beatles Honey Don't rock
q48 Led Zeppelin Hot Dog rock
q49 Lynyrd Skynyrd Gimmie Three Steps rock
q50 Jeff Buckley Parchman Farm Blues rock

Jazz Excerpts (Condition 1)

Variable nameArtistPieceGenre
q1 Mezzoforte After Hours jazz
q2 Bob James Angela jazz
q3 Ella Fitzgerad & Louis Armstrong Cheek To Cheek jazz
q4 Michael Civisca Moonglow jazz
q5 Kenny G Sister Rose jazz
q6 US3 Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) jazz
q7 Room Eleven One Of These Days jazz
q8 noJazz Pick Up jazz
q9 Herb Albert Rise jazz
q10 St. Germain Rose Rouge jazz
q11 Billie Holiday All Of Me jazz
q12 Gary Burton Quintet Ictus/Syndrome jazz
q13 Charlie Parker Ko Ko jazz
q14 Michael Franks My Foolish Heart jazz
q15 Bud Powell Tempus Fugit (Tempus Fugue-it) jazz
q16 Jeff Beck Blue Wind jazz
q17 Miles Davis Directions I jazz
q18 noJazz Jungle Out jazz
q19 Joe Henderson Junk Blues jazz
q20 Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Cloudburst jazz
q21 Jacques Montagne Charmaine jazz
q22 Louis Armstrong Gut Bucket Blues jazz
q23 Paul Simon Hobo's Blues jazz
q24 Cab Calloway & His Orchestra Minnie The Moocher jazz
q25 Amos Easton (Bumble Bee Slim) Ida Red jazz
q26 Norah Jones Come Away With Me jazz
q27 Kenny G Forever In Love jazz
q28 Joe Sample In All My Wildest Dreams jazz
q29 Earl Klugh Long Ago And Far Away jazz
q30 Sade Smooth Operator jazz
q31 John Handy Hard At Work jazz
q32 Lidy Arbogast Love to Love You Baby jazz
q33 Ben Sidran Nothing Like The Sound Of Bebop (Bonus Remix By Hector Coulon) jazz
q34 St. Germain Pont Des Arts jazz
q35 Candy Dulfer Sax-A-Go-Go jazz
q36 Jacques Loussier Italian Concerto: Presto jazz
q37 Pharoah Sanders Moments Notice jazz
q38 Pharoah Sanders Origin jazz
q39 Derrick Shezbie Softly As In A Morning Sunrise jazz
q40 Jullian “Cannonball” Adderley What Is This Thing Called Love? jazz
q41 Miles Davis John McLaughlin jazz
q42 Jazz Futures Public Eye jazz
q43 Stanley Clarke Rock 'n' Roll Jelly jazz
q44 Buddy Rich The Nitty Gritty jazz
q45 Royal Crown Revue Park's Place jazz
q46 Dango Reinhardt Daphne jazz
q47 Patrick Saussois & Alma Sinti Tune Up jazz
q48 Chet Atkins Nine Pound Hammer (& Merle Travis) jazz
q49 Joe Liggins & His Honeydrippers The Honeydripper jazz
q50 Bessie Smith The St. Louis Blues jazz
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