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Welcome to the myPersonality Project Website


myPersonality Facebook app (that contained questionnaires) was shut down in 2012. This wiki aims at sharing anonymized data collected through myPersonality app with the researchers.

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myPersonality was a popular Facebook application that allowed users to take real psychometric tests, and us to record (with consent!) their psychological and Facebook profile. Currently, our database contains more than 6,000,000 test results together with more than 4,000,000 individual Facebook profiles. Our respondents come from various age groups, backgrounds and cultures. They are highly motivated to answer honestly and carefully, as the only gratification they receive for their participation is feedback on their results.

Here we made available to the registered collaborators a wide variety of data, including:

  • psychometric tests' scores,
  • records of user's Facebook profiles,
  • test item level data,
  • some additional information - e.g. records of users' Likes.

You will find more details about the available data in Download databases section. To make your life easier we preprocess most of the data. We calculate scores, recode variables, remove invalid records, anonymise results, etc. Note that not all of recorded (or potentially recordable) variables are currently available (let us know if you need something to be added).

To access to the data you need to register as a collaborator

If you need help, want to clarify or elaborate on something, please write to

Good luck with your research!

David Stillwell & Michal Kosinski

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